3 best sites about astronomy

Learning new and interesting stuff related to astronomy is a must if you want to become that person that everybody in the room wants to have a conversation with. It’s such a big deal to be able to speak about stars, planets, and everything that goes beyond the sky. Given the amount of information you can find on the internet, it’s easier to have full access to your field of interest without too much effort.

Most people wouldn’t believe how many things you can find out from the comfort provided by your own personal computer. Because I’ve been a big fan of several astronomy sites in the recent years, I’ve decided to give you some hints about my favorite places where you can read all sorts of useful information and events related to astronomy.  

  1. https://www.universetoday.com/

Some people really like to be informed 24h/7 days a week about different space events and news. If you’re one of them and you need a website that keeps you up to date, you should take a look at this little gem. Basically, a blog written by various content writers that love astronomy just as much as you do, it is packed with the latest news and data that you could possibly imagine. Moreover, it encourages its visitors to leave comments if they have suggestions or really liked something.

There a section called Carnival where any visitor is invited to host a weekly event and showcased articles written on certain topics about space and astronomy. Basically, it’s a great opportunity to get your passion to the next level.


  1. https://www.space.com/

The website was launched in 1999 and has been ever since in the top favorite websites visited by astronomy freaks. Here you’ll see everything that you’re searching for, from space exploration, skywatching to commercial flights in space and other technologies.

Furthermore, it provides information for its readers about the latest discoveries, space missions but also futuristic thoughts that might happen someday. The best part is that the website is quite user-friendly and the articles are sharp and concise. Plus, there’s an excellent gallery photo that you can admire and a video section that is worth checking out.

  1. https://www.nasa.gov/

The list wouldn’t be complete without this incredible source of information. Besides the fact that it’s the most visited site in the entire world, NASA knows how to make you happy when it comes to space.

The site offers the ‘Image of the Day’ feature and some cool tweets coming from real astronauts. This ultimate resource for space fanatics allows you to spend hours browsing each section without ever getting bored.

Aside from this, you can actually look at a live video feed transmitted from the International Space Station and hear the people working there talking to each other. What a blast!



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