4 vintage gadgets for people who love science


I’ve always been passionate about science and other fields related to discoveries and cool facts. Back in the days, we didn’t have the Internet at hand so we read books, went to the libraries or spent hours in bookshops deciding on which book to leave behind because all of them were catchy titles.

Times have changed and now we simply write a few words using our smartphones touchscreens and we have all the information we require. Call me a nostalgic, but I still feel joy in my heart whenever someone gives me a vintage gadget that looks cool and helps me with my daily activities.

If you have a friend and you want to impress him or her with some nerdy vintage gadgets here you have some useful tips that you might want to check them out.

Smartphone Gramophone

For any mobile enthusiast that loves science and music, a gramophone that connects to the smartphone using Bluetooth technology is the ultimate gift. Specially designed to resemble old gramophones, the device is able to amplify the sound from your mobile phone and use the gadgets’ powerful speakers instead.

In order to benefit from this astonishing tech specs of this unit, simply place the smartphone in the base and the metal horn of the gramophone will boost the volume, The best part is that it doesn’t even need electricity to work.


Vintage camera charging phone dock

I always have trouble finding a good position to keep my phone’s screen visible while its battery is charging. I’ve seen some interesting vintage camera docks where you simply insert your smartphone using a USB cable and the charging begins. They have a unique look and if you know someone that likes photography, you can use this idea for an original birthday gift.

Retro tabletop radio

Decades ago, in each house, you would see a radio. Things have changed, indeed, but having a radio comes in handy especially if you travel and you need to listen to the news or weather reports. Plus, it’s quite a hassle turning on the TV especially when you don’t have plenty of time to spare on such activities. Therefore, I recommend choosing a shortwave radio with a vintage look made of real wood that features an improved sound quality, excellent tuning, and a LED indicator.


 Retro cinema home projector

I love movies and science documentaries. So I have to mention an excellent viewing tool that turns your simple mobile phone into a genuine home entertainment cinema. Apart from the fact that it works with all types of smartphones, this vintage gadget features a large zoom, focusing lens adjustment, and is made entirely from an eco-friendly cardboard. Just put your phone into the box and make sure you have the popcorn ready




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