The Jetsons – A Cartoon Review


Produced and directed by popular duo William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, The Jetsons is an American animated sitcom that first aired in 1962. It is the futuristic counterpart of The Flintstones, a similar show with its action placed in the Stone Age.

The Jetsons tells the funny adventures of a regular family from the future, composed of George Jetson, his wife Jane, and their kids – Judy Angela, and Elroy.

The characters

Each of the characters has a defining trait and, as much as the show would want to offer a futuristic perception of life, it still depicts most of the common stereotypes found in the early 1960s.

George Jetson is the head of the family and the only provider, having a blue-collar job, while Jane is a housewife who is rather interested in fashion and in having an active social life. She is the typical upper-class American wife who wants to please her husband. She is a socialite and an active member of the community, trying to keep her mind and life busy.

Judy Angela is the classic teenage girl who’s also obsessed with clothing and boys, while Elroy is a very smart six-year-old who is passionate about space science.

Other regular characters of the show include Astro, the family’s dog, and Rosie, the household robot. There is little diversity in the color and ethnicity of the characters, and this is probably the most outdated element of the show so far.


Why is the show important today?

The original production only had one season, but it was renewed two decades later and aired again between 1985 and 1987. Although the Jetsons didn’t manage to become an accurate depiction of the modern ages and the future, it is still relevant in some aspects of our current life.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of technologies and situations that the show accurately predicted almost 60 years ago. And, the weirdest of them all, is pollution. Although not exactly stating it, the main reason why the cartoon society chose to live in the clouds is that of pollution.

Accurate predictions of the future

Although we’re not yet driving flying cars or living up in the clouds, there are plenty of aspects of our lives that are accurately depicted in this classic cartoon.

The first and most important is the presence of a robot servant. Although an outdated model, Rosie has become a part of the family and a true confident for all its members. Back to reality, it’s safe to say that robots are part of our lives and there won’t be long until many of the households have one.

Video chats, flat screens, and smartwatches represent just some of the inventions that the creators of the show considered futuristic nearly 60 years ago but are now common parts of our reality.


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